Vox Lucida Pty. Ltd.

A clear voice in a confusing world.

Robert Jongbloed

Author and co-founder of PTLib, OpenH323 & OPAL libraries.

Open Source VoIP

Vox Lucida is a consultancy for Fax, Video and Voice over IP technologies.

As co-founder and a primary author of the Portable Tools Library (PTLib), Open H.323 Project (OpenH323) and Open Phone Abstraction Library (OPAL) Open Source systems, customized systems can be created to support almost any application. Front end or back end, client, gateway or conferencing system, our library can support almost any requirement.

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To contact us:

Phone:     +61-2-9555-2146

Fax:          +61-2-9555-2535

E-mail:     robertj@voxlucida.com.au

Jabber:    robertj@jabber.org

Google:    robert.jongbloed@gmail.com

MSN:        robert_jongbloed@hotmail.com

Yahoo:     robertjongbloed

ICQ:         #1461432